Books About Herpes – Reading List

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Here are some books about living with, understanding, and managing herpes. There are several more, but we did not include the ones that seemed outdated at the time of this article. These books about herpes are more recent and appear to be highly rated.

The Good News About the Bad News: Herpes: Everything You Need to Know This highly rated book covers everything about understanding and living with a genital herpes diagnosis. The author explains everything from testing, to having “the talk” with future partners, to minimizing the risk of transmission. It’s informative, reliable, and reassuring. It’s one of the best books about herpes.
Managing Herpes: Living and Loving With HSV This book covers treatment options for herpes, including prescriptions as well as herbal remedies. It also covers the emotional side of the diagnosis.
Understanding Herpes, 2nd Ed (Understanding Health & Sickness) This one was updated in 2006 with the newest information of that time on antivirals, testing methods, and transmission information.
Dr. Ruth’s Guide to Talking About Herpes It’s Dr. Ruth!