How to live with herpes type 2 in a relationship

Living with Herpes: You Have It, What Now?

So you found out you have the herpes virus, and are probably feeling uncertain about the future. If you're asking yourself how to live...
Herpes Transmission Rates Likelihood

Herpes Transmission Rates – Why Your Partner Might Not Get It

Many couples in which one partner has genital herpes have a healthy sex life -- and still never transmit it to the uninfected partner....
Reduce HSV-2 Viral Shedding

How Long Does Herpes Lie Dormant? It Depends on These Six Things

If you’ve been diagnosed with genital herpes, you probably want to know all you can. And with HSV, knowledge is everything, as it’s just...
Herpes Statistics Infographic STD Stats USA America

Herpes Statistics: How Common is Genital Herpes? Well, Very.

People are often surprised to learn how common genital herpes (HSV-2) is. And looking at the data, about 42 million Americans would be in...
first herpes outbreak questions and answers how long does it last

The First Herpes Outbreak: What It’s Like & How Long it Lasts

Are you going through your first herpes outbreak, or just wondering if you are? Herpes is so common that some statistics estimate one in five...
Herpes Autism Link HSV Herpes Virus Leads to Autism Claims

The Herpes Autism Link – Fact or Fiction?

Is there a herpes-autism link? Does herpes cause autism? The public has been captivated by possible causes of autism following the largely disproven link between...
epstein barr

What is Epstein-Barr? Signs, Symptoms, and Statistics

Epstein-Barr is one of the eight known herpes virus strains. It's also referred to as human herpesvirus 4. Epstein- Barr, despite not being as well-known as...
How Do You Know if You Have Herpes?

How Do You Know if You Have Herpes?

Herpes is more common than many people think. The lack of knowledge and absence of routine testing by doctors makes HSV easy to spread....
Herpes Facts Sheet, Myths

Herpes Facts Sheet: All You Need to Make Smart Choices About HSV

It's crucial to know the herpes facts and myths. Herpes is misunderstood and common, yet under-diagnosed. A massive 85% of those who have herpes...
Herpes Viral Shedding Asymptomatic

Herpes Viral Shedding: The Research and the Rates

Herpes viral shedding refers to a stage of herpes when the virus becomes active on the skin surface and is contagious. Sometimes, it is...
Sacral Herpes on Back, HSV-2

Sacral Herpes on the Back: Symptoms, Treatment, and Risks

Sacral Herpes is an HSV-2 infection, the same virus responsible for genital herpes, except that doesn’t appear in the genital or groin area. It...
Do Condoms Prevent Herpes?

Do Condoms Prevent Herpes? Not Really, But This Does

Despite sex education and STI awareness, people are still misinformed about condoms and herpes transmission. Do condoms prevent herpes? Herpes is not entirely prevented...
Can Herpes Kill You? Can You Die From Herpes?

Can Herpes Kill You? Common Questions

When you've been diagnosed with herpes, fear is a natural reaction. You probably don't know what to do, or what to expect. Unfortunately, this...
Can Herpes be Misdiagnosed? Herpes Misdiagnosis

Can Herpes be Misdiagnosed? Your Odds of Misdiagnosis

It can be hard to cope with a herpes diagnosis, especially due to the stigma around HSV. But it’s important to know your status,...

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