Epsom Salt Herpes Remedy to Heal Blisters Faster


Not only are Epsom salt baths incredibly beneficial for overall health, but they are also used to speed up the healing time of sores or blisters from genital herpes outbreaks. Listed below is more information about the Epsom salt herpes remedy and Epsom salt’s general benefits.

Epsom Salt Herpes Treatment

epsom salt herpes baths remedy

Please remember that this post is for general informational purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. What works for one person will not work for every person.

Epsom Salt’s Benefits

Epsom salt is something everyone should have on hand. Made of magnesium sulfate, Epsom salt provides an easy way to absorb this vital mineral through the skin. Many people, and the vast majority of Americans, are sadly deficient in Magnesium. Our diets are depleted in this mineral; our soil is depleted; our produce is depleted. Getting more magnesium has many benefits: improved mood, lower stress and anxiety, better sleep, improved PMS symptoms, cramp relief, and better weight management. It really is important to get your magnesium!

Epsom salt is typically used as a soaking solution to treat and provide pain relief for muscle cramps, minor sprains, abscessed cysts, and bruises. It is also sometimes used to treat blisters by making them heal faster.

Epsom Salt for Herpes

Since Epsom salt is sometimes used to make blisters heal faster, this can also apply to blisters from herpes outbreaks. It works by drying up the blisters faster. An Epsom salt herpes remedy can:

  1. Relieve the pain of outbreaks, and
  2. Speed up the healing time.
  3. Some people also report that it relieves itching.

How to: Fill a bathtub with a comfortable temperature of water, and pour in a couple of cups full of Epsom salt as it fills. Stir up the water to make sure the salt dissolves and doesn’t just sit at the bottom of the tub. Soak for 10-30 minutes for maximum skin absorption and pain relief. When done, you can dry the genital area with a blow-dryer on a lukewarm setting. This especially helps if a towel is too irritating to the area, but you don’t need to do so if this doesn’t apply to you.

How Much Epsom Salt to Use

Two cups of Epsom salt to a gallon is sometimes recommended, though others will use two cups in a bath. If you use Epsom salts frequently, you can easily buy bulk Epsom salt from Amazon at sizes of five pounds or even twenty pounds delivered to you with free shipping. Here are some popular Epsom salt products on Amazon.com:

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