This site was created to answers questions about sexual health with compassion. Talks about sexuality don’t have to be confusing or embarrassing. STIs are more common than many people think, but most who carry them don’t even know. This site aims to be a light in the dark.

Who are we?

This site started in 2013 to shine a light in the dark for people with HSV viruses. Why? Because herpes has an unbalanced stigma. It’s common and, in most people, minor. Since then, millions of visitors have been here. This site has received countless e-mails from people saying they felt a weight off their shoulders. They said they site helped them come to terms with a diagnosis, whether their own or a loved one’s.

Looking forward, this site will also cover articles about a diverse range of sexual health topics, fact-checked with reputable sources and medically reviewed by clinicians. We hope our unique viewpoint combined with accuracy and trust will help people with a broad range of questions.

This site was originally founded by two friends after discussing the fear of STI testing and what can be a confusing aftermath getting results. Wanting to see it all normalized, JH was founded.

Today, under new ownership, this site makes use of a growing medical review team to fact-check posts for accuracy. Posts written by a small editorial team and guest contributors who either have health credentials and/or a journalistic background and ability to research thoroughly.

Medical Review Team:

The articles on this site are written by a team of writers and edited for accuracy by our editorial team of health professionals. These editors fact-check the information provided against reputable sources such as medical journals and the CDC. Meet our reviewers here.

Within articles, you will find numbered sources with citations when you click them so that readers can easily verify the information and data points provided.

More About Who We Are:

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Informational Purposes

Please read the disclaimer here. Nothing on this site is meant as a substitute for medical or psychological advice, counseling, or services. It is purely for informational purposes.