This site was created in 2013 to answers questions about sexual health with empathy and understanding.

Questions about sexual health don’t have to be confusing or embarrassing. STIs are more common than many people think, but most who carry them don’t even know. This site aims to be a light in the dark.

Medical Review Team:

The articles on this site are written by a team of writers and edited for accuracy by our editorial team of health professionals. These editors fact-check the information provided against reputable sources such as medical journals and the CDC.

Meet our medical review team:

Gerardo Sison, PharmD

Gerardo Sison is a registered pharmacist with practice experiences in both hospital and community settings. He has counseled and educated patients on sexual diseases and proper precautions to take when starting medication regimens. With a background in chemistry, he also has experience researching new medications and how they can help affected patient populations. Currently, he splits his time between consulting, medical writing, and research.

Meagan Fleming, Registered Nurse

Meagan Fleming is a registered nurse with six years of professional experience.

At the end of articles, you will find a list of sources with citations so that readers can easily verify the information and data points provided.

More About Who We Are:

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Informational Purposes

Please read the disclaimer here. Nothing on this site is meant as a substitute for medical or psychological advice, counseling, or services. It is purely for informational purposes.