Editorial Policy

JH publishes general information about health conditions and wellness. This page outlines our editorial policies meant to ensure a level of ethical and quality standards so this site remains a quality resource.

Articles published on this site should strive for accuracy through research from reputable sources. Examples of reputable sources include:

  • The CDC (Center for Disease Control)
  • Scholarly Journal Articles
  • Studies

Articles on this site provide citations, sometimes appearing in in-body text links and other times at the end of articles in a list of sources. This allows readers to understand for themselves where claims originate.

Every effort will be made to note if a source could have potential flaws. For example, it is important to note if a study didn’t use a large enough sample size to be definitive. However, our preferred sources use the most reliable testing methods. In cases in which we cite a study that is limited in its scope, it will simply be to give background about where its claims originated.

We also will make efforts to mention when a study is privately funded by an entity with a commercial interest.

Since health information is so important to present fairly, opposing ideas will be presented together where they are discovered.

This site provides a disclaimer, privacy policy, and affiliate disclosure to be fully transparent. Our goal is to always disclose any relationships that may exist between this site and other parties where appropriate.