Welcome to JH!

This site started in 2013 as a place to support people with HSV viruses. Why? Because herpes has an unbalanced stigma. It’s common and, usually, minor.

Millions of visitors have been here. People e-mailed us to say they felt a weight off their shoulders. It’s helped them understand a diagnosis, whether their own or a loved one.

If you want to learn about sexual health issues without shame, you’re in the right place. We want to shine a light in the dark for people who would otherwise feel like they’re hiding.

Looking forward, this site will also cover articles about other sexual health topics. Even though JH is still a very small website, we hope our unique viewpoint can help people with a broad range of questions.


Who are we?

We’re just people who have also been through the fear and aftermath of STD testing. We’re not doctors, but our articles are written by ourselves and other writers who do have health credentials. We’ll soon be adding medical reviewers, so you’ll see notes about exactly who reviewed each article for accuracy. We already use citations in our articles, so you can verify what you read.

No matter how you got here, we hope you stick around, and come back often.

Looking for specific answers? Here are our most popular articles by question:

1. I think I might have herpes.

You’re probably worried, and want to know what the chances are you contracted it. You might want to check what the symptoms are. While we can’t tell you if you have any health condition, you can check out the following posts:

2. I want to manage herpes outbreaks.

You probably want tips to stop or relieve an outbreak you’re having right now. Or you want to know if you can prevent them more in the future. Maybe you came across a remedy online, and want to know more about it and if it’s valid.

3. I want to know about dating and sex with herpes.

Maybe you just found out, and need to tell someone. You don’t want your love life to be limited by a diagnosis. Maybe you’re back in the dating game and want it to go smoothly. Or maybe you have questions before you get intimate.

4. I’m just here to learn more about HSV and STDs.

Sexual health isn’t talked about openly enough. Let’s work on that.

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Use our contact page to suggest new topics (or a new name for this website — we want to talk about all sexual health topics!)