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Herpes Dating Tips and Resources Page

We've written a lot about herpes dating and relationships, which we hope has helped people. Since we get new visitors every day, we thought...
Herpes Transmission Rates Likelihood

Herpes Transmission Rates – Why Your Partner Might Not Get It

Many couples in which one partner has genital herpes have a healthy sex life -- and still never transmit it to the uninfected partner....
How to live with herpes type 2 in a relationship

Living with Herpes: You Have It, What Now?

So you found out you have the herpes virus, and are probably feeling uncertain about the future. If you're asking yourself how to live...
How to Tell Someone You Have Herpes

How to Tell Someone You Have Herpes

When you're coming to terms with herpes, it's natural to think about how it will affect your love life. Maybe you have had it...
Herpes Prodrome Symptoms

When Is Herpes Not Contagious? Good News

So you or your partner have herpes, and you want to have a healthy love and sex life. That's great news, because it is...
Best STD Dating Sites Review

Best STD Dating Sites Review: Inside The Good, the Bad, and Between

Dating with an STD can be intimidating. Disclosing your status and having the dreaded "talk", or managing contagiousness, is stressful. But it's not impossible....
Do Condoms Prevent Herpes?

Do Condoms Prevent Herpes? Not Really, But This Does

Despite sex education and STI awareness, people are still misinformed about condoms and herpes transmission. Do condoms prevent herpes? Herpes is not entirely prevented...
Herpes Stigma

The Herpes Stigma in Perspective and Moving Past It

Herpes is a virus that, to many of those who have it, is not a big deal in and of itself. What sufferers constantly...
When to Get Tested for STDs Infographic

When to Get Tested for STDs – How Soon and How Often

One of the most confusing aspects of being sexually active is knowing when to get tested for STDs. There are general screening guidelines for...

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