Zinc Herpes Remedy – Topical Zinc Cream or Supplements?

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Whether it’s oral or genital herpes, certain steps can help manage and suppress outbreaks. In addition to antiviral therapy and immune boosters management, there are natural remedies like this Zinc herpes remedy. Topical zinc cream for herpes may help shorten outbreaks, and food source zinc helps boosts the immune system.

Please note that the herpes outbreak home remedies on this site are provided for general informational purposes, and what works for one person will not work for all people. You should consult with your doctor or other healthcare provider before embarking on any course of treatment.

About Zinc

Zinc is a vital trace metal element that is required for human health, but is not manufactured by the human body. Zinc maintains immune functionality, speeds the healing process of wounds, helps blood clotting, and boosts thyroid function and various additional biological systems. Zinc also helps fight viruses, including but not limited to the influenza virus, the herpes virus and the common cold.

Why Zinc for Herpes?

Zinc helps the body produce lymphocyte cells, which reduce herpes outbreaks and boost the immune system’s ability to fight viruses.

Studies have shown that zinc can deactivate the herpes virus in cell cultures and inhibit the virus’ reproduction.

Its enzymes help diminish herpes sores up to 40% faster than leaving them to heal on their own.

Zinc is even reported to relieve pain from outbreaks.

What Source of Zinc is Best for Herpes?

You can get the zinc you need from foods, zinc supplements like these, or topically in the form of zinc cream. The zinc cream tends to be the more popular choice with regard to herpes treatments.

There has been research-backed evidence that topical zinc remedies are beneficial for herpes, but there is no clinical proof we know of that zinc supplements provide the same benefits. Not only is the topical preparation soothing, but it can even help prevent outbreaks from occurring.

However, generally zinc is known to support the immune system and it’s a popular supplement for general health and immunity when fighting off illness.

Food Sources of Zinc:

  • beef
  • crab
  • pork
  • oysters
  • green peas
  • avocado
  • spinach
  • chocolate
  • garlic

Spinach and avocado are great together in salads, or even blended together as ingredients in green smoothies. And garlic is incredibly healthy too, and is plentiful in authentic hummus and other Mediterranean foods. The only one of these I would recommend caution on would be chocolate, which can aggravate outbreaks in some people. For more information about diet and herpes outbreaks, read here.

Zinc Supplements: The correct zinc dosage is typically 50mg per day. This is especially true if you combine it with 1000mg of Vitamin C and 1000mg of Lysine, both of which aid in stopping herpes outbreaks.

While the exact results of using zinc as a herpes treatment can be difficult to measure, the testimonies of individuals with herpes who use zinc as a remedy are promising, which is one of the reasons that so much research continues to be carried out regarding its both long term and immediate effects.

It’s important to remember that there is no cure for herpes and that zinc isn’t going to solve all the problems associated with the disease. It’s unfortunate that researchers haven’t found a full-fledged cure yet, but until one is found, zinc is one of many aspects to a good holistic treatment for herpes. That’s whether you get enough zinc in your diet, take supplements, or use topical creams, a soothing choice.

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