Oregano Oil Herpes Treatment Details

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Since there is no cure for genital herpes, people often look for natural ways to manage their outbreaks and symptoms. While every case is different, some remedies seem to help and have studies behind them. Since an oregano oil herpes treatment is easy to find and inexpensive, some have turned to that. Be sure to talk to your doctor about treatments appropriate for your situation, but in the meantime, let’s take a look at this remedy.

Oregano Oil Herpes Treatment

This simple to use, all-natural remedy is easy to incorporate into your daily routine and can be taken orally or topically applied so you can use it in the way that will give you the most effective and immediate relief. Some people think oil of oregano has a weird or funny taste to it, but that seems to be the only complaint associated with following an oregano oil herpes remedy.

What is Oil of Oregano?

Oil of oregano is pure, expressed oil from the leaves and flowers of the oregano plant. It is a natural, powerful antimicrobial that can help the body’s immune system fight viruses like herpes. It is antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. Many sources cite oil of oregano as one of nature’s most powerful antibiotics and cite its ability to fight bacteria as its major health benefit. You can buy it online, such as with this product.

How Does Oregano Oil Work?

Oregano oil seems to work thanks to a compound called carvacrol. Carvacol helps fight the herpes virus because it attacks the protective cell membranes. The protective cell membrane of the bacteria usually makes the bacteria impermeable to antibiotics. Not only does oil of oregano help break down the cell membrane, it delivers natural and powerful antibiotics as soon as the cell membrane is dissolved and the bacteria is vulnerable.

How Do You Use Oregano Oil for herpes?

The oil may be taken in drop form placed under the tongue, or it can be applied to the skin. The point is to allow it to absorb into the central nervous and blood system. Oil of oregano is extremely potent, so it is important you dilute the oil with a cream or carrier oil or lotion. Olive oil works, but even better would be another natural herpes fighter: organic virgin coconut oil. By using coconut oil as a carrier for the oregano, it would be a double whammy of antiviral oils.

More Ways to Use Oregano Oil

Oil of oregano can also be inhaled as a vapor to fight respiratory infections. Simply fill your sink or a bowl with very hot water and a few drops of oil of oregano, drape a towel over your head and be sure to cover the bowl with the towel and then inhale the immune system boosting oil for five minutes. Oil of oregano can also be used as a bacteria fighting toothpaste additive. Add a drop of oil to your toothpaste to help ease pain and discomfort in cold sores that often accompany herpes outbreaks.

Talk to your doctor about oil of oregano and see if it can help you fight your herpes. Natural, effective, safe and easy to use, oil of oregano may help you get relief from outbreaks.

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