HSV Eraser Review? I’ll Show You What’s in the eBook


We just purchased and read the HSV Eraser (Erase Herpes) ebook that’s out now so that I can give you a look at what’s inside the book. First of all, HSV Eraser is not a book about curing herpes in the sense that the antibodies will be gone and you’ll test negative. The book says you’ll always have the antibodies no matter what. I wanted to make that clear just in case it’s not: There is no known cure for the herpes virus. What this book is about is a method for attacking the virus, and eliminating herpes symptoms and outbreaks. So with that in mind, this HSV Eraser review is of the contents of the ebook, and other aspects of my experience with the purchase. (Update: Book no longer available through original vendor, and we do not recommend it anyway. Please check out Ultimate Herpes Protocol for a similar product.)

HSV Eraser Review - Erase Herpes Review - eBook Download


Update: This product is no longer available through the original vendor, and we cannot recommend it anyway. We suggest you check out the Ultimate Herpes Protocol instead!

Note: Please note the following review is only on the contents of the book itself, and not any sales copy or marketing claims that may be presented, nor the method’s efficacy. It has just come to our attention that the creators of HSV Eraser may have been using suspicious marketing claims in their sales copy. Therefore, we cannot recommend it. We make no claims for the efficacy of any treatment on this site or linked to from this site. There is no known cure for herpes, although some people claim they are able to effectively manage their viral load and suppress symptoms and outbreaks using natural methods. This review will remain up for informational and archival purposes. Disclaimer

The Purchase Process

First I noticed that the author is selling several health books, and after you purchase the HSV Eraser book, a page comes up offering you other health-related products. They are optional and you can decline and just get the HSV Eraser program. Although they are optional, it was still a strange first impression. Maybe for someone they will be helpful, since they are also health related, but I declined and just completed the transaction for HSV Eraser. (No longer available through vendor. Check out Melanie Addington’s Ultimate Herpes Protocol instead; click here.)

The purchase is completed through Clickbank, which is well-known for being a long-term marketplace for digital eBooks and also well-known for honoring refund requests with no questions asked.

So moving on, once you’ve checked out and declined or accepted the add-on offers, you’ll be taken to the page with your receipt and a link to download the book. Just in case, you’ll also receive an automatic e-mail from the author, Christine Buehler, with the download link to your new eBook. You can save it as a PDF file. Now on to the HSV Eraser Review! (See our review of the UHP program instead!)

HSV Eraser eBook: General Info

Wow… The book starts with an absolute ton of information about herpes. In fact, it can be kind of dense, and the book is over 100 pages long. The book’s general sentiment is that you can control herpes outbreaks and stop them, and that it’s healthier and more budget-friendly to use natural treatment methods than doctor-prescribed antivirals.

I skimmed through all of the general information — medical information, the differences between how the different types of herpes are transmitted, some actually very supportive information about accepting the diagnosis and not stigmatizing or isolating yourself — then skipped ahead to the actual “method” that’s the HSV Eraser. After all, that’s what everyone wants to know about.

HSV Eraser Review: The Method

HSV Eraser Review - Erase Herpes Review - eBook Download

The method is a plan that is multifaceted and layered. There are general things you have to follow, and then specific routines on top of that. The author breaks it down into a 21-day guide to follow, which makes it much easy to follow and implement even though it’s so in depth. You can read the author’s information justifying the plan which is very thorough, or even just go straight to the chart and start following it now.

  • The first phase is meant to alter your diet to compel the virus to “unbind” so it is vulnerable to attack. You do this for just over a week. This section of the book tells you to which foods to eat, which supplements to take, and includes a list of things you must absolutely stay away from. Even as one of the primary writers here at Just Herpes, I was surprised by some of this information.
  • The second part or layer, is done from days 11-21. It involves adding even more specific natural supplements and nutrients that will attack the virus. These are immune boosters and substances known to fight the herpes virus. I was aware of many of these, but Item B surprised me. They are all legitimate, natural supplements. The section also lists times of day for things where this is a factor.
  • The final section is made of up several charts that break down and list foods good for different anti-herpes needs.

Overall HSV Eraser Review

In conclusion, the HSV Eraser (Erase Herpes) eBook (No longer available. Check out Melanie Addington’s Ultimate Herpes Protocol instead; click here.) is longer and more in depth than most eBooks. It is certainly not going to cure herpes in the sense of testing negative, as the antibodies will probably always be present no matter how low your blood volume of the virus. However, it is about empowering you to stop your herpes outbreaks and symptoms and take back some control of your life. And importantly, it’s with natural, cost-effective methods.

As long as you are aware what this book can and cannot do, it works as a decent guide for managing symptoms. This HSV Eraser review shows that with the charts in the back of the book, you don’t even have to slog through a lot of reading and can get started on your treatment right away after downloading it here. (No longer available. Check out Melanie Addington’s Ultimate Herpes Protocol instead; click here.)

Please note that, of course, we are not the authors of the book and cannot provide customer support, nor do we hold any liability for the material therein. Customer support can be found through either the author or through Clickbank.